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Belt Buckle "original" brass knuckles style

Belt Buckle original brass knuckles style

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Belt Buckle "original" brass knuckles style original size. To all employees of police and judicial authorities is that NO WEAPON! For permanently connected pins prevent the fingers can be inserted through the holes. This metal belt buckle with the original size weighs about 100 grams and the dimensions of about 10, x5 6cm, 6cm x 0.8 cm hole size of about 2, 5 cm and is suitable for all belt with a width of about 4, 5cm . The belt buckle trademark of reproduction, will be prosecuted.

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Author:  Guest am 07/11/2014
Evaluation:3 of 5 Stars!


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Author:  Guest am 18/09/2014
Evaluation:2 of 5 Stars!


WOW,gorgeous card, love the colour combo. You are fogviren for the buckle coz I didn't put one on mine either lol. Thanks for joining in with the MTTC challenge this week :o) Jo x

Author:  Guest am 17/09/2014
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


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Author:  Guest am 16/09/2014
Evaluation:1 of 5 Stars!


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Author:  Guest am 15/09/2014
Evaluation:4 of 5 Stars!


Just wanted to add that I relcntey replaced my aging leather sofa... and cut off all the non-worn areas before tossing it (I recycled the metal and wood as well). There was a lot of the leather with absolutely no wear (back side of sofa especially)... It yielded yards of high quality leather for future projects!

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